Yasmine Eady

”Passionate, intuitive and a visionary“ 

My name is Yasmine Eady, I’m a Seattle based graphic designer with a passion for branding. My design style is simple yet impactful. I believe that strong design is about expressing yourself, being a creative thinker and making connections with people. My inspiration comes from nature, bright colors and organic shapes. My goal is to create my own branding studio where I can work with small businesses and help them create visions that come to life through beauty, intention, simplicity and connection.

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bewell is a fitness app that is designed to act like a digital punch card to help you stay on top of your goals. The card consists of all the days of the week with minimally designed activity icons that you can drag onto an interactive calendar when you complete a task. Bewell also has an activity reward system that encourages you to achieve and earn badges. This creates more motivation for users to delve into fitness. Bewell is designed to create an experience that encourages, motivates, and makes people feel positive about using an app to increase their weekly fitness levels.

Sea Turtles: Life cycle & Threats

Nearly all species of sea turtles are classified as endangered. The intention of this information design is to bring awareness to sea turtles and the dangers they are facing. The goal is to inform the audience of how important it is to take care of our ocean and those that inhabit it. Research is shown to educate the audience on ways that they can help protect the endangered species and inform them about their importance. The message the infographic voices is that sea turtles are worth saving and in need of our help.

Raymond “RayMann” Hill is a Seattle based freelance sound designer and video editor who has been fascinated with audio ever since he was a young child. He blends his natural creative talent of video editing with his love for music and sound design. He specializes in Adobe Premiere Pro, Protools and DaVinci Resolve. Following Raymond’s desire to inspire everyone through sound, the goal was to create a dynamic and creative logo that represents his artistic view. The brand needed to reflect Raymond’s love for audio through a logo that is unique, smooth and with a prominent design.


HER. is a women-based CBD company that specifically makes CBD tinctures to help ease menstrual discomfort and cramps so that women can feel like their best self. These tinctures come in three different infusions made to each put a stop all your period discomfort. The goal is to help women who struggle with menstruation pain feel better and ease the pain quickly. There are many CBD remedies that are directed for pain, but not all of them work for menstrual cramps. These thought out natural ingredients are key to help ease pain.