Sophia LeBel

My name is Sophia LeBel, and I am beyond excited to finally have reached my senior year here at Seattle University. As a designer, I rely heavily on my roots in fine art and animation to inform my pieces and help create well-rounded and versatile work. I specialize in illustration, and those that know me have heard me mutter ‘please, just let me draw’ many times over.

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Pick of the Litter

This poster was created as an informational piece for prospecting dog owners with the aim of helping people make more responsible choices when selecting a new best friend. Featuring entirely original illustrations to help highlight key points and meticulously compiled information from various sources and 12+ years of experience, this poster was a labor of love. This piece is now displayed in dog training schools, veterinary clinics and grooming offices nationwide.

Bilimetrix USA Brand Package

Bilimetrix USA is a company created by Dr. Richard Wennberg. Focused on fighting neonatal jaundice in Africa, Bilimetrix is dedicated to finding innovative solutions for the many challenges that come along with this issue. From creating a brand-new technology for screening patients to working directly with nurses and mothers, this company is doing amazing work. This is the new brand package created with their work in mind. The logo was carefully designed to reflect a mother and child and create a simple, recognizable silhouette, and the colors selected aim to create a professional, tidy look with a pop of yellow significant to the cause.

Three Birds Branding

This is a special piece created for my mother’s costume business. The logo was hand-drawn after many attempts at getting the style just right, and each bird represents one of three siblings in my family. This logo is featured on an Etsy banner, printed business cards and postcards to accompany orders, small garment tags and mini fabric tags. The goal of the entire identity design was to balance classic, vintage motifs with a clean, elegant flair.