Rachel Bowler

When it comes to design, I am most passionate about building meaningful and emotional connections. My adoration for art is focused around my environment. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, I grew up surrounded and inspired by the beauty of nature.

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Serial Sexual Killers

I have always been interested in the psychosocial risk factors of criminals. In particular, the psychopathology of serial killers and what biological, environmental, psychological, and sociological factors lead them to commit such horrible crimes. I decided to use this assignment as an opportunity to do more research on the minds of these killers. The main question I wanted to address was how does cognitive dysfunction in the brain manifest the need to kill and if this impulse is a product of nature or nurture? All of the illustrations and graphs are original. Designed using InDesign and Procreate. 

Maori American

This magazine spread shares something that not many people know about me, but has had a great impact on my life. Being a dual citizen, I have often experienced inner conflict as both of my worlds collide. However, after spending a summer in New Zealand on my family’s farm, I learned to embody both of my cultures and the value system they have given me without losing a sense of one or the other. All illustrations are original. Designed using InDesign and Procreate. 


Having done the majority of my assignments on a computer, I was excited to have the opportunity to do something more hands on. For this project, I created a wooden box for a fictional high-end distillery company called Odinson. I chose the name Odinson because of its meaning, which is God of Thunder. This wooden package is meant to be given to the Distilleries club members and houses a limited-edition whiskey bottle inside. My goal was to create an authentic look, but to also have the package be something that could be used as a decorative element in the home as well. I made the box from scratch and had help from family with using the power tools. I used a mini Dremel to sketch out the designs on the wood and the name of the company on the aluminum plate. To create the color of the lightning bolt, I made a dark blue epoxy resin and poured it over. I then used an oil finish to darken the wood to bring out more of the texture.