Margaux Thompson

Margaux Thompson is from Centennial, Colorado, and she grew up immersed in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Margaux utilizes these roots as inspiration for her work and incorporates as many odes to Mother Nature as possible into her designs. Stylistically, Margaux finds the most passion when working with photographs, text, and clean designs.

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When Duty Calls

This infographic serves to illustrate the depth and importance of US military’s humanitarian aid efforts as well as provide statistics and examples as to what they do.  

The Next New Beginning 

A three-page magazine spread featuring an autobiographical story and pictures from the artist. Focused on a cut-and-paste collage aesthetic to bring the pages to life and play with the relationship between the foreground and background.          


Images created through type manipulation to represent the theme of "homecoming." Each piece represents different parts of the homecoming or migration process for four different species of animals, illustrated only with typographical elements.