Joshua Latief

“Create, Relate, Resuscitate.”

Latief is a graphic designer who immerses himself in the odd and enjoys making sense out of nonsense. He dives head first into the abstract and views failure as a partner in crime. He thrives in exploring the extent of his own caliber and has found that the cure to all nonsense lies within the norms of your own reality.

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You’re Too Late - A Digital Book

You’re Too Late is a digital book based on a poem I wrote that surrounds the idea of the end of the world. The book is meant to be read backwards but the reader is made unaware of the fact until they reach the end of the book. 

From humble beginnings starting from the moon,
Lies in wait for those who want it to go boom.
The heavens hearkened and giggled with glee,
As it went on a killing spree.
Try as they might,
The stars put up a fight.
And holy shit did that make my night!
I grabbed some popcorn from the living room,
And sprinted to my room like zoom zoom zoom!
Flashing lights left me in a daze,
And oh how this brings back the days!
Piles of falling stars filled the sky,
This is great! I could almost cry.
Who knew that I'd be the one to control,
The process of creating this black hole.
So to those wallowing in sorrow,
Don’t worry for there will be no tomorrow.

eSports - We’re A Big Deal

This infographic on eSports introduces the viewer into the world of Electronic Sports. It focuses on the competitive aspect of video games and how it has transformed into an industry where people compete for both recognition and prize money in order to claim the title of being world’s best.

Typography Countdown Calendar

My concept was based on a one year countdown timer which spans 365 days. It is a goal oriented calendar to keep track of your goals until the start of 2020 (when the countdown hits 0). I did this to remove the stigma that comes with allowing yourself to take breaks whether because it's the weekend or because it's a certain national holiday.
My inspirations for this design started from the Chinese Zodiac where 2019 marks the year of the pig. With that in mind came the saying "when pigs fly" from the movie title in 1993. With that came the inspiration to create a 4 panel illustrated story where a pig becomes an astronaut and does space stuff (3). The pig is living his dream through his adventures in space(2), comes back to earth with his space shuttle (1), and with that he achieved the goal of having flown (0). So if a pig can fly by becoming an astronaut and was launched into space then well you have no excuse.
At the end of the journey or at each milestone you hit from 3 to 0 you can fold these sheets into any dollar bill origami you like (dimensions are based on the dollar bill). The pig design that I chose came from Won Park who is regarded as one of the greats in dollar bill folding (check him out!). And with that you have pig quotes to help motivate you throughout the year.