Joseph Kim

Joseph is a graphic designer with a strong focus towards hand drawn illustration and animation. Much of his inspiration and style comes from a wide range of graphic novels, games, and animated films. He currently is working at UREC at Seattle University until the end of June 2020.

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Spiders and Arachnophobia

A infographic on facts about spiders and arachnophobia. The reason the focus was on spiders was due to having a family member who had arachnophobia and it being one of the most common phobias in the world. I have had an interest in anything related to nature since I was a child and expanding my knowledge regarding a species I truthfully knew so little about was another motivator. This infographic showcases extensive amount of research and the style of design that I am drawn to.

Seattle Night

This design was originally the background of a poster that was made for the newspaper Real Change located in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA. It was made for a contest of sorts where the winner would be chosen to be a flyer for their annual Christmas party. While it did not win, I ended up going back, got rid of all text and several small changes and ended with this design as the final product. The design was heavily inspired by background art for cartoons.           


Doing hand drawn illustrations is my strong suit and sometimes that is hard to show in design. This was mostly made while focusing on magazine design and layout. By trying to keep the text flow as simple as possible, it allowed for a much stronger illustrative aspect to be present. While not the best work, it is the closest I could show illustrations done by me.