Jordan Kenison

Jordan is a digital designer who thrives at accepting challenges, incorporating design principles, and learning new skills. He has specific interests in graphic design, logos and style guides, cartoons, and print layout. 

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Fried Calamari

A lot of my interest in art is creating cartoons, since my world views can be expressed via outlandish subject matter. In this case, the octopus perched atop the world with explosives is representative of my own creative potential: energetic, powerful, and sometimes volatile. This is juxtaposed by the globe, which represents the pressures and expectations of the world. As a designer, I’ve found there’s a fine balance between conforming to society and following my own intuition. 

Time Travels

This project was focused on highlighting my background, since the various components of my past lead to me eventually landing at my current point as a digital designer. I wanted to highlight my family especially, since I attribute everything positive in my life thus far to their love and support. I tried to create a cohesive color scheme throughout and use different types of photos and illustrations to diversify the layout. 

Although I lost the files to the complete version of this project, my intention was to focus this project on my struggles with anxiety. To me, feeling engulfed is to feel trapped, isolated, and overwhelmed by an outside force. I decided to contrast the bold, red type with a black background to create a sense of isolation. This, coupled with the restrictive box formed by the rambling paragraphs, is intended to represent being trapped alone with one’s thoughts.