Jessica Evania

Hello! I’m Jessica Evania. For me, design is to create and explain visual voices from the inside of my creative thoughts and the environment surrounding me. I specialize in brand identity, package design and illustrations. However, design is a limitless aspect and I’m still exploring more mediums to work on!

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Menstruation Matters

Menstruation or period is a healthy and normal cycle that happens. But in some cultures and society, it is hard for people to talk about menstruation. A lot of study or research proves that people would not understand what menstruation is until the day before they get their first period. I had the idea to create this project of visualizing research regarding menstruation facts, with a clean and engaging design. The goal of this project is to address to everyone that menstruation is completely normal, and it matters!

Moonlight Coffee

Moonlight Coffee is an imaginary brand identity concept for a local coffee shop locating in Seattle's central district. It's a brand for locals who wants to enjoy their happy hour with a nicely crafted coffee. The philosophy behind the name moonlight is to have this cafe open late for college students and young professionals who needs a study and working space. Moonlight coffee will not only sell espresso beverages, but also other non-caffeinated beverages, various pastries and snacks both for dine in and to-go. 


Introducing you to Kafora, compostable coffee pods that will turn to plants. Targeted for people who cares about the earth's sustainability, wants to start an eco-friendly life & who is also a coffee drinker!  "Kafora" was taken from the word 'kafe' & 'infora' meaning coffee & plants. The coffee pods will be 100% compostable from the inside to the outside. After you brew your favorite espresso with a machine, you will be able to put the pods aside to a container and later on will degrade to soils for you to grow your plant. After using around 4-6 cups, you are ready to start planting! Kafora is a subscription product with a responsive mobile application, where you can choose and customize your box: your favorite beans and plant seeds. Each box will come with 4-6 pods, a guide book, and plant seeds.