Brett Thompson

Brett studied Design and Film while at Seattle University, and often tries to combine these fields, along with photography, in their work. Brett’s work often emphasizes the relationship between text and image to create a clean and striking composition. Brett’s other projects include filming and editing short films and videos, as well as writing and illustrating. Much of Brett’s inspiration comes from personal experiences and reflecting on the environment around him.

Pollination Station

Despite progress having been made in the last ten years, bee populations are still suffering greatly. Without them to pollinate the vast majority of crops and plants, agricultural losses will be devastating. This infographic aims to spread important information about the severity of the issue, while making efforts to correct the issue feel approachable and achievable.


“Suffocate” is a reflection on what the word suffocate can mean. In this work, it represents the feelings experienced when dealing with anxiety and depression, and the often cyclical nature they can take. While anxiety and depression have been talked about much more in recent years, the conversation needs to continue considering the high number of people who experience it. This piece details my own experience, and I recognize that while others may resonate with it, that there are millions of ways people experience these conditions.

Falling in Love is Embarrassing

No matter how much experience we have with starting relationships, I think we can all agree that it never goes as smoothly as we think. This article tells the story of my own experience, while showing off some mildly embarrassing photos from 2015. Editorial has been a love of mine for a long time, but I have never felt confident in my ability in this area until this piece. I challenged myself greatly to improve my eye for white space and composition, and I feel that my hard work paid off.