Beck Ryan

Hi, I’m Beck Ryan, a graphic designer and textile artist living and working in Seattle, WA. My design practice is guided by the belief that strong design creates effective solutions and encourages meaningful interactions. My approach to design and textile art is greatly influenced by my art history education, as I believe that looking to the past for inspiration leads to remarkable innovation.


Mender is a hand-made product design for a camping and hiking oriented sewing kit. It is made from durable canvas and thick leather straps while compact enough for the user to throw in their backpack or keep in the trunk of their car. The kit includes sewing needles, pins, safety pins, metal buttons, plastic thread, scissors, tweezers, and a measuring tape. It also includes suture needles, dissolvable suture thread, alcohol wipes, and instructions on how to stitch up a small wound. Mender provides durable tools for any situation an outdoor adventurer could come upon.

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is an informal study on how young artists curate their bedrooms. I created this zine with the intention to find correlation between the way one decorates their bedroom and their artistic practices. The artists in this issue are all students at Seattle University pursuing various degrees in the arts. They graciously opened their homes to me, and answered a few questions about their lifestyle and art.

The Ugly Side of Fashion

The environmental impacts of the fashion industry are often overlooked in our desire to follow trends and consume fast fashion. This infographic combines qualitative and quantitative data about the environmental impacts and waste created from the production of garments, and also suggests solutions and easy adjustments the viewer can make to generate less waste. All illustrations and graphs are original content, aided by research cited at the bottom.