Aviel Pastron

I'm Aviel, a graphic designer known among my classmates as the resident gradient specialist. I excel at doing what I do best: My own thing! I utilize my individuality and desire for modernity to create sleek, minimalist, yet colorful designs that hope to convey thoughtful and compelling messages, while maintaining an easy-to-understand simplicity. Like my designs, I like to keep things straightforward and simple, so unfortunately, I‘m out of any other wordy facts to tell, but hopefully this gallery will speak for itself.

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Disney Monopoly

With this poster I hoped to shed light on not only how much of the media market Disney owns, but how this control can be damaging to the entertainment industry as a whole. I went with the imagery of a monopoly board as an instantly recognizable way to communicate my main point. I also felt using a colorful kid’s board game to talk about a serious topic was a good visual irony, touching on the same irony that a family friendly company like Disney purports itself as aiming to take over the industry.

Squeeze Slime Bar

As a marketing exercise, I invented a fake business and designed the branding for it. I created a store called Squeeze, a toy “slime bar.” Customers would be able to choose the color, consistency, and any add-ins (sparkles, charms, etc) they wanted for their slime. As this would be aimed towards kids, I wanted to keep the branding colorful, fun, and friendly. I designed the logo to look like it was made of slime dripping down the page, while the rainbow shows the customizability of the product.

allfood, App Concept 

Allfood is an app concept I created for the purpose of keeping track of the dietary restrcitions of your kids, friends, party invitees, or anyone else you need to keep in mind when you're cooking. It features two main functions: the ability to keep a contact list with dietary information, as well as create party/event planning groups where those invited can submit any restrictions or preferences they have. With more and more awareness and acceptance of different diets, I felt an app like this would come in quite handy, for anyone from mothers to caterers.