Alden Huschle

Alden Huschle is a multi-faceted designer looking to make an impact on the artistic world. His simple yet radiant style can be attributed to a creative upbringing and a long time fixation on color in relation to quality design. Currently residing in Seattle, Alden hopes to work his way into a career that allows him to blend his strength for eye-catching design with his passion for making music.

Music and the Brain

For my information design project I wanted to take the opportunity to involve music in my work. I’ve always been fascinated by the way music impacts the minds of listeners and how various types of music yields different results for different people. I decided to explore this topic in my infographic, pairing the information I researched with a simplistic yet eye-catching layout. I was aiming at something you might see in at an urban doctor’s office or perhaps in the waiting room of a psychiatrist. The end product resulted in a poster this is inviting to read but also interesting to look at and I believe it would be a great fit for either of the professional settings I mentioned.


Psychedelics have always interested me for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest one is that there is such a divide between those that do not approve of their use and those that do. People who welcome the presence of psychedelic drugs in their life often view them as a means for a beautiful experience that lends a perspective which cannot otherwise be reached. Those who reject their use often view them as dangerous and irresponsible. In my opinion these types of drugs can be incredibly helpful to many people if they are administered properly and that is why I chose to do this project about LSD. My goal was to visually convey different aspects of a psychedelic experience according to my interpretation of one.


This logo subtly represents the acronym “UFO” in two different ways. The first and most obvious way is the saucer-like shape that runs through the right side of the “U” in order to make it look like an “F”. The second way is that the logo itself is a disoriented question mark, playing on the “unidentified” aspect of an unidentified flying object. I created this logo by hand using gouache which gave me a new found appreciation for the luxury of digital workspaces.